23-04-08 Swallows and Amazons
Summer is finally here with the arrival of the first Swallows to Carradale.

Typical Kintyre weather meant that at times today the view of Arran was totally obscured by mist, yet go a mile either north or south and you'd be basked in golden sunlight.

Climate change or business as usual?

Something you can't ignore when walking around Carradale at the moment is the bird-song coming at you from every direction.

As a self-confessed 'birder' it really is a fantastic time of year.

[Swallows return to Carradale]

[Bomb Blast in Tarbert?]Bomb blast in Tarbert?

If you were in Tarbert a little before 9am this morning you could be forgiven for thinking a bomb had gone off, when a very loud bang rattled windows by the harbour.

An articulated lorry coming down the A83 into Tarbert suffered a blow-out on one of its tyres which resulted in the entire wheel, not just the tyre, being blown off of the trailer and wrecking the rear-most axle!

The loose wheel came to rest against a roadside fence but could just have easily have caused death or serious injury had it hit a pedestrian or another vehicle.

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