23-04-05 St Georges Day
Today is St George's Day and, contrary to the rest of the British Isles, the English seem to have an aversion to celebrating their national saint although he still appears on some of the coinage.

The history of St George is vague and fragmented. Perhaps the most widely accepted history is that he was a soldier, born in what is now Turkey, and who was executed in the early 4th Century by the Romans because of his Christian faith. He was adopted as the English patron saint at the time of the Crusdades.

In recent years there has been a small movement towards having St George's Day made into a national holiday. There seems little likelihood of this happening though. Perhaps the politicians feel it might offend some ethnic minority or our European neighbours?

Shelagh Galbraith has email me to say that her sister was perhaps a bit over-enthusiastic about her being the first Carradale woman to sit on the EKCC. Of course Naomi Mitcheson served her time (and was involved in the formation of the EKCC) and other Carradale women have held seats over the years. Perhaps, however, Shelagh is the first Carradale woman to have actually been elected to a seat by vote as opposed to co-opted or elected without opposition. Who knows? Good luck to them all anyway. The Goat will be at the next EKCC meeting (next Thursday) so read about it here.

** STOP PRESS ** STOP PRESS ** Hot news from the Campbeltown Website.

Deacon Blue are apparently going to be headlining a concert in the Victoria Hall during the Mull of Kintyre Music Festival this year! More details from either website.

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