23-03-07 Naval Gazing
Anyone travelling betwixt Carradale and Campbeltown can't help but notice the Royal Navy Frigate currently standing at anchor between Smerby and Kilchousland.

She's HMS Northumberland (F238) and is a Type 23 (Duke Class) Frigate.

She was launched on 4 April 1992 and displaces around 4200 tons. She is 133 metres long and her Rolls Royce gas turbine engines can power her to a maximum speed of 28 knots.

There's loads more information about this ship on the Navy News website.

Meanwhile there's been quite a lot of RAF activity in the skies above Carradale this morning, with both Tornados and Hawk jet aircraft over-flying at quite low altitudes.
[Hawk over Carradale Point]
[HMS Northumberland, off Kilchousland]

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