23-01-11 A Reminder About The Potholes
Now some have escalated into ditches with no sign of any attempt to repair by the local council.

Driving north of Carradale on the B845 since my last run up that road two weeks ago was horrendous.Leaving early Saturday morning to go to Glasgow with friends we had some nasty encounters with potholes and would say is now seriously dangerous to road users. Trying to avoid one put us into another with the car coming off the worst.Some of the holes were filled with water and judging there depth was impossible until you dropped into them (some being 8 inches or more deep). My car is booked in for a Mot this week and I would not be surprised if some sort of damage has been done suspension or steering wise.The worst parts are Rockfield,Escairt,Crossaig and Grogport,but overall most of the road is needing serious attention before we do not have this access route to the village.

I know there are the same situtions all over but it is time to raise this to the authorities (If it has not been already )before someone has a bad accident.Has anyone else had any encounters car verses potholes on this back road because trying to claim from whoever can be a pain. I shall be in touch with the roads dept today and give a update.

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