23-01-07 Hugh Sunrise
Another gorgeous sunrise this morning, in the aftermath of the recent stormy weather. We do seem to get some absolute stunners at this time of year.

[The Hugh Trowsers Band]A quick reminder that The Hugh Trowsers Band are returning to Kintyre early next month, with a gig at the Argyl Hotel on 3 February 2007.

Tickets are available from the usual suspects.

Out and about around Carradale I spotted this fine Heron down by the river, and this group of Cormorants on the rocks by the harbour. There are several collective nouns for a group of Cormorants, including a gulp, a flight and a paddle.

[Heron by the Carra][Cormorants by the Harbour]
[Carradale Sunrise]

[Carradale Sunrise]

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