22-12-06 Foggy Bottom
Very foggy in Carradale this morning, after yesterday's Solstice sunshine. Perhaps BA have flown a few Jumbo loads up from Heathrow? Visibility is down to perhaps 200yds and worsening.

The primary school finishes this afternoon at 2:30pm. Children who normally receive council transport to/from school will still get home the same way so no need to dash up there to collect them.

Just one more shopping day (after today) before Christmas so I hope everyone's been more organised than me. I only started mine yesterday!

That's not entirely true as I've been using the internet to order a lot of Christmas goodies this year, but it's not the same as barging your way round the shops, is it?

I'm told Tesco in Campbeltown were operating a 'One Out - One In' policy for at least part of yesterday due to the number of shoppers out and about. It all seems a bit mad considering that the shops are only shut for a couple of days.

And speaking of Tesco, and Campbeltown in particular, I was recently telephoned and asked whether as a business we'd be interested in taking part in the post-expansion/renovation re-opening of the Campbeltown branch.

This came as news to me as I'd not heard there were any changes in the pipeline, but declined all the same as our nearest customer is in Carlisle and our furthest Argentina - not much in the way of business promotion, methinks.

Maybe we'll finally get a Tesco petrol station where we can make use of those 5p off a litre vouchers?

[SKSC Old Minibus]The South Kintyre Sports Council have launched an appeal to raise money to replace the rather delapidated minibus that they make available to sports organisations and teams throughout Kintyre.

You can make an online donation via the Sports Council's website.

At risk of being controversial, being Campbeltown based the minibus may be of limited use to other groups outwith the town.
[SKSC New Minibus]

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