22-12-05 School Concert Report
[Merry Christmas]
Yesterday evening's concert at the Primary School was very good with children of all ages performing. The older kids did "Mrs Cherrybutton's Christmas Pudding" which was very humourous, and the smaller ones did a more traditional Nativity.

There was also music on the Chanter by those learning the play the pipes. Well done to everyone involved with organising the event, and especially the children.
I forgot to mention that the Carradale Fire Engine was called out earlier in the week following reports of a house fire in Carradale East. Upon arriving they found the living room of the house smoke-damaged but thankfully the fire had extinguished itself through lack of oxygen.

Circumstances could have been tragic had not the occupant been woken by a neighbour.

The Campbeltown fire engine also attended but given the road conditions and the fifteen miles between Campbeltown and Carradale they were fully half an hour behind the local crew, although that was pretty good going as anyone who drives that road will tell you.

Without the local engine there was always the possibility the fire could have re-ignited and spread, possibly to neighbouring properties.
[Carradale Fire Engine]

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