22-12-04 Gales and winding-down for Christmas
It was a wild and windy night in Carradale last night with heavy rain and gales. Our side gate/fence was totally destroyed by the wind - not so big a problem though as I was intending to take it down and built a shed there in the next week or two anyway.

I took a run down to the council rubbish tip with a Landrover loaded with bags of rubbish and junk - got to make space for the Christmas debris, after all. Plenty of branches blown off of trees and wrecked gardens en route.

The schools and nurseries broke up for the holiday either yesterday or today so they're all at home full-time until the New Year. Business-wise we'll be open throughout the holiday although it'll be on greatly reduced hours. Basically monitoring the answerphone and fax machine. Most of our customers shutdown over Christmas anyway so it'll give me time to catch up on a few outstanding jobs and to get the VAT Return completed and sent off.

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