22-11-20 Remember the Antares
30 Years on, shall not be forgotten.

The thoughts of many people in Kintyre will this week have been with the family and friends of those who perished when the Carradale fishing boat Antares was sunk in the Firth of Clyde 30 years ago.

All four crew members – James Russell, William Martindale, Stewart Campbell and Dugald John Campbell – lost their lives when the trawler sank between Arran and the Ayrshire coast on November 22 1990.

There was huge controversy and anger when it became clear the 50-foot vessel was sunk after her nets became entangled with a Royal Navy nuclear submarine, HMS Trenchant, passing below.

The tragedy led to the introduction of major changes governing the way in which the Royal Navy carries out training exercises where civilian vessels are nearby, although that must bring little solace to those who live, 30 years on, without their sons, brothers and fathers.

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