22-11-07 Light Fantastic
At this time of year on the west coast the weather tends to be of two varieties: the filthy, wet, windy, and cold variety or the brilliant, cold but still and clear variety and we've had both sorts recently.

Driving back from Claonaig one morning last week I had to stop the Landrover and take a picture of the sun rising over the hills of the Isle of Arran. I hope you agree, it's a stunning sight.

[Heron at Sunset, Claonaig]Later in the week I was again at Claonaig, this time waiting to pick-up the children from their school bus, when i was lucky enough to be in just the right spot to photograph this Heron, fishing for its supper as the setting sun set the sea a-blaze with colour.

Friday night sees the arrival of the Snow Moon, the full Moon for November.

Last night's nearly-full moon was stunning so hopefully we'll be blessed with clear skies tonight as well.
[Sunrise over Arran]

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