22-09-12 Carradale Primary School
A report by the pupils of Carradale Primary School about their current topic and recent themed day.

Ahoy there me Hearties! Welcome to Pirate School

We took part in International talk like a pirate day because we are learning about pirates and the sea. We dressed up as pirates and came to pirate school for the day. For our topic we made a pirate ship. Inside the pirate ship you can make a pirate hat. You have to measure the persons head. You can make a pattern with the necklace beads or write a letter to Captain Jack Sparrow. Last week we went to the beach.

Cameron McMillan P2

We received a letter from Captain Black Bottle and he told us to make a treasure map. We typed letters to him and we told him what to do and where to go. Then we made treasure maps with a big X Marks the Spot! The older pupils were writing a story called 'Pirate Adventure'.

We were doing directions and learning compass points. We learned a way to remember the compass points: Never Eat Shredded Wheat and Nelly Elephant Squirts Water. We played Port Starboard. We wrote directions to get to the lunch table. The older pupils helped us.

Anna Gemmill P3 Zoe Gosling P4

We had to come up with all the ideas and names for the buffet and Mrs. Ramsay kindly cooked it and decorated it for us to enjoy. We came up with lots of gruesome foods called sea weed strips, fish eggs, long boats, skulls, Cannon balls, sharks teeth, dead man's fingers, pizza boats, pirate vege fingers, treasure chests, blood and guts with seagulls poo, pirates grog, captain hook's missing fingers, ink pasta, scorpion eyes and a cucumber crocodile. We had a lovely lunch even though it sounds disgusting!

Harry Gemmill P7 Millie West P3

We were getting ready to go to the beach and do some science. We were sorting out living, once living and never living things. We collected lots of things like ropes, seaweed, beach glass, stones and shells. We found three mermaid's purses. We made a picture of all the things we collected. They are flotsam and jetsam.

Scott McGeachy P3 Catriona Newman P3

I like how we got to dress up as pirates and we all had pirate names. Some of us were on 'Wanted Posters'! I really liked how all the work was themed by pirates. It was a great day!!

Isaac Baxter P4 Elliot Gemmill P5 Niamh Baxter P7

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