22-06-07 Destination Carradale
As some of you know already, I'm a self-confessed 'History-Junkie'. I just can't get enough history, and in particlar local history, so I was dead chuffed when whilst idly Googling the internet to come across an article dealing with the WW2 Blitz, Clydeside, and Carradale...

The article itself is hosted on the Glasgow City Council's website and consists of excerpts from the school's log-book which would have been maintained by the head teacher of the time, and spans the period from August 1939 until May 1943.

During this period the number of children attending the school was greatly increased by evacuees and reading the log you can begin to understand some of the problems this caused.

This is, of course, doubly interesting to me as what was then the village school is today my home.

It makes fascinating reading and I'd recommend anyone with an interest in local history to spend half an hour reading through it.
[Blitz on Clydeside]
[New Teacher to Start at Carradale Primary]
On another note, but connected with the present day primary school at Carradale, was the announcement this week of a new teacher starting in August.

This came as something of a surprise as no-one I've spoken to, including members of the out-going School Board, seemed to have any idea that another teacher was required at the school, let alone that one had already been appointed.

According to Argyll & Bute council it is a temporary post for one year only, which apparently explains why it wasn't advertised externally. The successful candidate is Eilidh Morris, daughter of the current head teacher.

Tonight is the school prize-giving ceremony where no doubt more information will be forth-coming...

Many thanks to Steve Partridge for sending over some photographs he shot of the Solstice sunrise whilst driving up to Carradale early yesterday.

Steve is a regular visitor to the village and his parents now live here permanently. I've added his photos to the new submissions section of the Picture Gallery.

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