21-10-06 What Goes Around Comes Around
[RN Bomb Disposal Unit]More phosphorous flares have been washing up on the beaches near Carradale.

Two were found at Port Righ yesterday and another at Carradale Bay. The Royal Navy's Bomb Disposal Unit came down to dispose of them, by burning this time, with Carradale Coastguard on-hand to give assistance.

It's believed these flares are coming from the Beaufort Dyke, a huge underwater trench between Scotland and Northern Ireland that for decades has been used as a dumping ground for spent or unwanted munitions and radioactive waste, and were distrubed in 1995 when a gas pipeline was laid across part of the trench.

Remember, if you do come across one of these on the beach don't touch it or attempt to move it. Phone 999 right away and report it to the Coastguard.

It's not just munitions that have been washing-up on the local beaches.

This rubber duck was found over at Port Righ and comes all the way from Ireland. (Thanks Ian)

It was part of a batch of 150,000 ducks raced along a mile of the river Liffy in order to get an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the Children's Lifeline.

They're all numbered - this one is 10747.
[Irish Rubber Duck]

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