21-08-08 The Point of the Exercise
At last we've had some decent weather again after a couple of very changeable and unpredictable weeks.

As it was so nice I took the opportunity to walk down to the beach and out to Carradale Point.

First up were Carradale's herd of goats who were on the rocks below the golf course. From here you can see the Cruban Buoy which marks the position of a rocky pinnacle and hazard to shipping.
[Cairn at Carradale Point]
[Carradale Goats][Cruban Buoy, Carradale]
Out on the Point itself there is a rocky cairn, recently adorned with an old branch and one of its former residents.

Heading back towards to Bay you get a great view of Carradale House. I'd forgotten to check the tides and when I reached the isthmus that separates the Point from the mainland found I'd been cut-off by the sea!

Luckily it was still only about six inches deep and I was able to splash across, but a good job I didn't hang around out there any longer. Walking back to the village, the scene at Waterfoot was quite serene.
[Cairn at Carradale Point][Carradale House][Waterfoot, by Carradale]

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