21-05-07 Up with the Lark
It's 6am and the sun is streaming through my office window on what promises to be a beautiful day here in Carradale.

My wife was away early to a teaching conference in Glasgow, hence why I'm up at such an un-godly hour.

Tonight sees the AGM of Carradale Camera Club in the Network Centre at 7:30pm.

All members are invited to attend to discuss the past and future year's activities.

There is the promise of a glass of wine afterwards to help sooth throats sore from debate.
[Carradale Camera Club]
[Carradale Bay and caravan park, Copyright Gary Sutherland 2007]

If you're visiting Carradale and want a memento of your stay then there's a brand spanking new picture postcard just become available that you can buy initially from the caravan park site office but hopefully from other outlets shortly.

Featuring a view across the bay, I'm told they're already selling well.

This is the first new postcard of the village to appear for some years and it is intended to expand the range with other views of and around Carradale in due course.

Last but not least, a quick note about the website's Guestbook.

Whilst we invite comments on any subject it isn't there for airing disputes or spreading gossip. [Not unless it's especially juicy gossip, that is :) ]

If you have an issue you feel needs bringing to the public then please email it, together with your name and contact details, as otherwise it may just end up on the editorial spike.
[My comment got spiked!]

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