21-04-08 Coast Watch
Eagle-eyed coast watchers may have noticed HMS Bulwark sail past Carradale yesterday evening, and other naval ships have been cruising the Kilbrannan Sound during the week in preparation for exercise Joint Warrior which gets underway this week.

Other vessels seen in the Kilbrannan Sound these last few days included the Dutch Frigate HNLMS Van Speijk F828, and Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Bangor M109.
[HNLMS Van Speijk F828] [HMS Bangor M109]
[HMS Bulwark L15]
Some of these ships can be tracked on the Shipplotter section of the website but there's no guarantee that they'll always be transmitting or VHF within range.

[Carradale Camera Club]Don't forget tonight's meeting of Carradale Camera Club when members will be showing their own prints in the club's annual 'Photo of the Year' competition.

The subject is open and each member can submit up to four prints which must be mounted.

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