21-03-07 Vernal Variations
Regular walkers on Carradale Beach will have noticed how dramatically the course of the river has changed in recent days, as the sand bar creeps closer to the rocks.

So close, in fact, that at low water the river is diverted from its normal course and flows around the other side of the bar, so if you're planning to visit Carradale via Waterfoot by boat soon take care when entering the river as otherwise you might run aground.

Of course it'll only take one good storm to completely re-shape it all over again.

Today is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, one of only two times in the year that the sun is directly over the equator at noon. It marks the point in the year when day is longer than night, reversing again in the autumn.

It's also a reminder that British Summer Time offically starts this weekend, with the clocks going forward one hour at 1am on Sunday morning.

[Carradale Bay]

And finally for today, I've been asked to do a quick name-check for one of our regular readers from a-far, so "HELLO JOSIE!" [Hello Josie!]

Hopefully you'll be able to visit us all in the 'Dale sometime in the future.

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