21-03-06 The Melons of Success
Success for Carradale Drama Club last week when they beat all-comers to win first prize at Oban's Corran Halls with their highly amusing production of Nick Warburton's play "Melons at the Parsonage". I'm told celebrations went on late into the night and several faces were missing from the breakfast table next morning.

[Windmills]It's a beautifully sunny day today and everywhere you look there are flowers opening, birds getting on with the busy business of nest-building, and the fields are fast filling-up with lambs.

We're now officially into Springtime with today being the Vernal Equinox and so traditionally the first day of Spring, and don't forget to put your clocks forward an hour this coming Sunday as that marks the start of British Summertime.

[Not a nice sight..]An amusing (if anonymous) piece in this month's Antler talks about biometric scanners being fitted to the dog waste bins on the Avenue to help catch perpetrators who fail to deposit their pets' deposits in the bins. (Come on, it is the April edition!)

I'm pleased to say that both bags and contents are 100% bio-degradable but that's no excuse not to drop the bags in the bins provided for the community with a grant from the East Kintyre Wind Farm Trust.

Also, there are still one or two dog-walkers who are ignoring the bins completely and allowing their pets to foul the path with complete disregard for other people. Hardly neighbourly, is it?

Argyll & Bute Council's website conveniently lists the fines and penalties that can be handed-out to dog walkers who fail to clean up after their pets.

(Nice picture of the Sanda Lighthouse as well in this month's issue)

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