20-11-04 Gaelic and Windmills
Another light showering of snow last night but it hasn't lasted. Pretty chilly out there though.

We went down to Campbeltown this morning to enroll on a new course to teach people gaelic. I've an advantage over my wife in that I already know some gaelic from our time in Tobermory.

I've been asked about the windfarm above Carradale, on Deucheran Hill. Specifically just how big are the windmills and can they be seen from the village?

Well, they're BIG. I don't have the statistics to hand but I'm sure they're on the web somewhere. A Google search for 'Deucheran Hill' will probably find them.

They're not visible from most of the village and you have to go up onto Deer Hill or drive up the Grogport road a way to spot the blades turning.

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