20-08-05 Football Results And More

The result of yesterday evening's football match between Carradale AFC and Campbeltown GS was a 2 goal draw.

Carradale's goals were by Travis Tiffin after 13 mins and Robbie Paterson after 21 mins.

The match was hard-fought and Carradale did well to hold Campbeltown to a draw as the team tired and injuries were incurred.

[Sally's Walk]
The second doggie-bin has gone-up along Sally's Walk.

The post went in a lot straighter this time so it doesn't have the slightly drunken look of the other one!

With a bin and bag-dispenser at each end of this popular and scenic walk there should now be no excuse for people not to clean up after their dogs.

The purchase of both of these new bins were funded by a grant from the East Kintyre Wind Farm Trust.
[Carradale AFC]

From: Gordon Goldie
Date: 19 August 2005
Subject: The Kintyre Way

Two questions;

What timescale was given until completion?

Would the path be suitable for mountain bikes at all stages?

[Goat-Note: To answer Gordon's questions, it is intended that the walk will be ready in time for Easter 2006 and mountain bikes should be able to follow it for most of its length with only the most rugged sections being inaccessible to them.]

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