20-07-12 Re Patersons Bakery
It's been a wile since I looked at the Goat but when I did I saw all
these great comments about the bakery. Gosh! They take me back.

I am a relation of the Patersons who run the bakery. John Paterson
was a nephew of my grandmother, Jessie Paterson who, herself, came
from Kilbrannan. I was brought up in Glasgow but, at the start of the
2nd World War, my father evacuated me to his mother, my grandmother at
Carradale. I came of school age there and went to Carradale Primary
School in 1939!! After that, I used to go back on holiday until I
married in 1960. After that, I went to Carradale only occasionally and
then when my grandmother and grandfather died I went to Jakmen Cottage
for my family holidays. Then,my uncle Jack, who had inherited Jakmen,
sold the Cottage to me. In 1980, however, I and my family moved from
Old Kilpatrick to near Kinross and it took too long to go down to
Carradale for weekends and, with my family now grown up, I decided to
sell the cottage to the Witters. I have been back on only two
occasions since then. However, who knows? Maybe I will be back again

I would be very happy to hear from anyone who can remember me.
Sincerely yours

Ken Paterson ('Roostie' to some!)

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