20-06-13 Carradale Primary School
A report based on a themed lunch organised by P5/7 pupils at Carradale Primary School.

Lynn Galbraith Class Teacher

Disastrous Dining!

As part of our book study on 'Billionaire Boy' by David Walliams we had to organise, plan and help cook a themed lunch. We were making this lunch because in the book there is a character called Mrs Traffe. She is the school cook and makes horrid lunches like wasp soup, gerbils on toast, hair lasagne, brick cutlet, deep-fried cardboard and sweet cake.

We had to organise the themed lunch with our school cook Mrs Ramsay. We had to check that we could make the lunch with her. Next we had to plan the menu and make sure that everyone liked it. Within our menu we had to try to use similes, adjectives, alliteration and then we had to make it look nice for the readers. On our menu we had Slice of Terror with any topping, Underground Worm Hole, Fried Bones and Dandruff Quiche. As well as creating the main courses we had to create food for the salad bar. Some of the items we had were Blood Bombs, Frog Eyes, Puke Poisonous Pasta, Sliced Brains and Mouldy Melon!! Finally we decided on pudding, we had ice-cream with snot sauce or Men's Fingers!

On the day of the themed lunch we were allowed to go to the kitchen and create the themed lunch with Mrs Ramsay. Ten people ordered Slice of Terror and two people ordered Underground Worm Hole. We had to wash our hands and help prepare the food. Washing our hands, wearing hair nets and aprons linked to Health & Wellbeing in the school curriculum.

We went to work at half past 9. First we made the ginger fingers and then the sauce for the pizza (Slice of Terror). Next it was the lasagne (Underground Worm Hole) and the toffee sauce (Snot Sauce). We had to put icing on the fingers and make the sides (there was lots). There were lots of links to maths through the weighing of ingredients and making sure we had enough for everyone. Finally we had to set the table and the serve the lunch. It was the best lunch!

Combined report by Elliot (P5), Harry (P7) and Niamh (P7).

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