20-01-06 The Kraken Wakes
Carradale Coastguard were called out last week to investigate a report of 'a large snake-like object' floating in the sea off Port Righ.

Upon arrival they found that several metres of the sewage outfall pipe had broken free of its seabed anchorage during gale force weather and was floating on the surface. This was duly reported for Scottish Water to make repairs.

This isn't good as there's a chance the tide could return the sewage to the beach unless it's discharged at depth, plus the pipe could be a hazard to small vessels if struck.

Broadband was out of action for several hours yesterday, from around 3pm until about 1am this morning. According to BT the problem was in Glasgow but affected Carradale and many other exchanges whose internet connection is fed from there. I think this only affected broadband customers - anyone still using a modem was probably ok.
[The Port Righ Monster]

The weather has taken a turn for the worse with squally showers and a cold wind blowing in off the bay. I'm told the road north of Grogport was white with hailstones this morning as well, so take care if you're driving.

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