20-01-05 Home with a Bang
Sorry there have been no blog entries for a few days but I've been down in England sorting out the house we have there and getting it ready for new tenants.

We have a fairly big house in a little village in Northamptonshire that we let. Our last tenants had left leaving a lot of furniture and other belongings behind which took several days to clear-out and get the house ready for new people.

Coming back down the B842 from Grogport last night I was just a few miles from home when I skidded on a sharp bend and put the Landrover into a ditch. Just my luck - No mobile signal and no lights visible for miles. Despite having two wheels down a ditch I managed to drive the Landrover back onto the road through judicious use of the gearbox and limp home where I'll assess the damage later today.

In anything other than a decent 4x4 it would have meant a long walk home and a tractor tow in the morning. Touch wood I don't have any injuries though.

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