19-11-06 Winter Woolleys
The weather has definitely taken a turn towards the more wintery this week, with lots of rain and occasional hail.

As this picture of Carradale Harbour taken yesterday shows, Arran's hilltops are already white with snow. Walking along the beach this morning the wind coming in off the sea was biting.

Speaking of the harbour, it's good to see that the contractors, George Leslie Ltd, have at last arrived on-site to begin work on repairs to Carradale Harbour.

More than half a million pounds is being spent repairing Carradale's pier and harbour including replacing some of the steel sheeting, in-filling the area beneath the pier with concrete, and installing new drainage and lighting facilities, and cathodic protection.

The pier was last repaired in 1995 and it is expected that these repairs will see it good for another 20 years.
[Snow on the hills of Arran]

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