19-07-05 Point in Fact
I had a phone call yesterday morning with a tip-off that there were dolphins just off the coast at Peninver and they were heading north so I got the kids together and we trooped off down to Carradale Point in hope of a glimpse.

The weather was a bit wild but at least it was warm - too warm perhaps as we trudged across the rocks towards the Point. Once we rounded a large rock to find a group of around a dozen of the Carradale Goats just a matter of feet away. We were also heckled by a pair of irate Oystercatcher who no doubt felt we were trespassing on their territory.

Aside from the blustery wind and occasional light shower though the weather wasn't at all bad, and we scrambled up onto the heights of the Point where there are the remains of an Iron Age fort whose walls have been vitrified by heat.

We spent half an hour a-top the Point sheltering from the wind beside the cairn with no sign of any dolphins and so started the walk back to the carpark.

Just as we reached the bottom of the point and started across the causeway, behind us I spied a dark fin cutting the water! The kids of course were very excited and we spent the next ten minutes watching as a pod of perhaps eight adults and possibly two juvenile Bottlenosed Dolphins swam past and headed off towards Port Righ Bay.
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Meanwhile back in the village, this week sees the Carradale Quiz taking place in the village hall on Friday 22 July 2005. Arrive from 7pm for a 7:30pm start.

And if anyone's wondering about Nonnie's abscence from The Glen I'm pleased to say he's okay just suffering with a cold and a sore throat - presumably partly brought-on by too much shouting at football practise. Rest assured he'll be back at his post soon-enough.

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