19-06-13 Good Bye To Geoff And Mary
Off down south to a new home near family and friends.

Friday 17th May having a last photo taken in their lovely garden which they were both very keen gardeners.Due to health reasons Mary and Geoff page have decided to sell up and move back down south to Suffock were they originally came from.Having retired as a art teacher in Campbeltown,Geoff has continued to be active from then with being in varies committees as a member and chairman also. He kept us up to date with local news in the ANTLER,but sadly after having a stroke all this had to come to an end.We wish Mary and Geoff well in their new home and I'm sure he will be kept up to date on the ongoings in the village through either the Antler or Carradale Goat.
I have a contact address if anyone wishes it.
[The Carradale Goat]

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