19-03-07 Paving the Way
[Men At Work In Carradale]There are roadworks in the village this morning, between the village hall and the school, so take care.

Council contractors McFadyens are constructing a new footpath between these two points.

Welcome as the footpath is, it'll be interesting to see whether the council try to use it as an excuse to withdraw school transport for the children from the western end of the village.
[Men At Work In Carradale]

[Construction of New Path]
[RAF Rescue Helicopter]Later in the day one of the RAF's Air/Sea Rescue helicopters came directly over the house, flying quite slowly and at fairly low altitude. I managed to get this shot of it as it passed overhead.

It was heading in roughly a north-westerly direction, up the glen towards Kintyre's mountainous spine.

I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open in case it comes back the same way later.

And finally, remember that some parts of Carradale are going to be without electricity between 9am and 4pm while engineers are working on the supply.

It's hoped that some properties will have temporary power supplied from a generator that has been positioned in the medical centre car park, but this is by no means guaranteed.

Fingers crossed it all comes back on again!

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