19-03-05 Foggy Facts and Birthday Celebrations
The twins MacAllister celebrated their joint 18th birthdays at The Glen last night. Congratulations both. The Goat wasn't able to go to the party as he was babysitting the kids.

Speaking of which, where did all that fog come from? Mrs Goat was driving home from Lochgilphead last night and it took her over two hours due to the weather. She didn't get home till well after midnight.

The saga of the EKCC elections continues as an authoritative source (but who wishes to remain anonymous) confirms to me that the printing error on the ballot papers was not caused by the printers but was made by Argyll & Bute Council. Does anyone at A&B want to put their hand up and take responsibility for it?

And finally, belated congratulations to Alasdair McMillan for winning the Dugald John Campbell memorial pool competition held in the Cruban Bar a couple of weeks back. Some of you may have seen his picture in The Courier this week. The event raised the splendid sum of 605 for the Friends of Mallaig Mission.

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