18-09-08 Carradale Needs You!
[Volunteers Wanted for Carradale Fire Crew]Ever fancied yourself in a fireman's uniform?

Strathclyde Fire Brigade is advertising for people to join Carradale's volunteer fire-fighting crew.

If you're interested then an application pack can be obtained by contacting

Area Headquarters
Helensburgh Fire Station
South King Street
Helensburgh G84 7DX
Telephone 01436 655918 or 01436 655922

A little less glamourous perhaps, but also serving a useful purpose in the community, a volunteer is required to take over the task of emptying and servicing the dog waste bins at either end of The Avenue/Sally's Walk.

I've been doing this job myself for the last three years or so but will be moving away from Carradale in October and so won't be able to continue.

The job involves removing the bags containing dog waste from the bins once a fortnight, and re-filling the dispensers with new collection bags.

It isn't a dirty job or even a particularly smelly one as all waste is bagged.

A visitor to the area recently enquired why the council didn't take care of it. Well, Argyll and Bute Council's view seems to be that they're too far from the road for the bin men to walk to.

We are indebted to East Kintyre Windfarm Trust who have supported this project from the start.

Argyll and Bute Council doesn't provide any form of help at all.
[Keeping Carradale Clean]

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