18-07-07 Hot Stuff at the Beach
They might be tough but they're not indestructible.

This was the result after someone put a disposable BBQ in one of the wheelie bins down at the beach car park without first checking it was cold.

Luckily the village fire crew were quickly on the scene to put it out.

If you're using a disposable BBQ on the beach please make sure it's fully extinguished and cold to the touch before putting it in the bin.

With so many people using the beach at this time of year it can't have gone un-noticed that we're starting to see jellyfish left stranded at low tide. Whilst most are harmless that's not always the case.

The Marine Conservation Society UK publish a very good poster showing the types of jellyfish that are common around the UK's coastline.

You can download it from their website by right-clicking on This Link and selecting Save Target As...
[Carradale Bin Blaze]

But remember the words of the Wise Woman of Tormhor: 'Never hit a jellyfish with a spade.'

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