18-04-09 Boat Activity Off Carradale
What is it up to.

Well thanks to our Shore road resident Martin for sending the photos and info on the mystery vessel which is the Forth Hunter.

The Forth Hunter, a Briggs Marine vessel, is currently deployed on behalf of Scottish Southern Energy to carry out Remote Operational Vehicle (ROV) surveys of our existing subsea cable network.

The vessel is currently inspecting the power cable that runs over the seabed from Carradale to Arran.

This is part of our routine maintenance and inspection programme to carry out a condition assessment of our cables. Many of our cables are surface laid on the seabed which allows us to deploy a RoV and video the entire route length. This footage is studied at the time of recording for any defects or areas of concern including fishing gear fouled on it, etc.

The output from this process is one of the drivers and justification for our refurbishment and replacement programme.

I hope this is enough information to satisfy your interest in what you had witness,


Landel C Johnston (SSE)

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CARRADALE CRICKET CLUB had there annual dinner night in the CARRADALE HOTEL. tonight.Unfortunately i do not have any pics so far, but if anyone who attended the night could please e-mail them to me.

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