18-03-07 Carradale Takes Lorn by Storm
[Carradale Drama Group]Carradale Drama Group were triumphant in Oban at the weekend, winning the top prizes for Best Production and Best Play in the Lorn Drama Festival with their production of 'In by the half' by Jimmy Chin.

This was no small feat as there were 14 contenders, all eager for the top slot, so bravo to everyone involved in this year's double-whammy.

Today has been distinctly wintry, with flurries of snow and very chilly winds. The sheep and lambs are huddled against the hedges and the Daffodils must be thinking they've been shipped out to Lapland!

There have been reports of more phosphorus flares washing up on West Kintyre beaches so if you spot one be sure to ring 999 and report it to the Coastguard.

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