18-02-05 EKCC Election Update 2
I received the Notice of Poll from Argyll & Bute Council this morning listing the Carradale nominations and other details of the forthcoming election of councillors for EKCC.

The nominated candidates, in no particular order, are as follows :

1 - Ronald C Brownie
2 - Geoffrey F Page
3 - Brian E Gee
4 - Sheilagh Galbraith
5 - Alen M Oman
6 - John Durnan
7 - Matthew McMillan
8 - John S Irvine
9 - Lachlan Paterson

The vote will be by postal ballot. Ballot papers will be sent to everyone in the area over 18 yrs and who is on the electoral register. These must be completed and returned by 7 April 2005.

You will have as many votes as there are seats on the council, so for Carradale that means you have up to five votes to cast and you do this by marking a cross against up to five of the candidates listed above on your ballot paper. More than five will render your ballot paper void.

The candidates who record the top five number of votes are those that will be elected. There will be no 'None of the Above' box.

Peninver did not receive sufficient nominations for a ballot to be held and so presumably any vacant seats will be filled by co-option of the new committee.

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