18-01-08 Springtime Beckons
You know spring's just around the corner when the lambs and the calves start to appear, and this little fellow can't have been very old when I saw him/her down at Dippen Farm yesterday lunchtime.

It's still chilly out though, with another night of strong winds and rain just gone.

[New Arrivals at Dippen Farm] [Robin Redbreast down at Waterfoot]

[New Arrivals at Dippen Farm]

[The Ashbank Hotel, Carradale]Tonight, of course, sees the Ashbank Hotel hosting a Chinese Banquet. At last count they still had two places free for this so if you're in the mood for some oriental entertainment of the culinary kind you'd better get a move on!

Much as we'd like to be there we can't, due to ill-health on my part.

Wouldn't want to put-off the other diners with my wonky smile or lazy eye :) but, rest assured, next time...
[Chinese Banquet at the Ashbank Hotel, Carradale]

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