17-12-08 Land-ho
Mike and Tony within sight of St Lucia.

(From todays diary by Tony).

The mountains of St. Lucia were spotted at 1015hrs UTC (At least I hope its St Lucia!?!) We duly raised a toast of Springbank to the crossing.Wind NNE 3. Distance run in last 24 hours is120 miles. 32.3 miles to go. We estimate that we will arrive early afternoon local time, early evening UTC.http://blog.mailasail.com/bluetarn.

Well done to the pair of them and I'm sure they will be glad of a few days rest after their epic voyage.

[The Carradale Goat]Update from Tony: Now that we have had some sleep and regained our land-legs we look back on a successful crossing.
As a schoolboy, cross country runs were not my favourite. I always started with enthusiasm, but as the miles progressed everybody else seemed to overtake. the arc was similar. definitely a marathon. however, instead of feeling beaten by the bigger, faster boats, we feel pleased with ourselves at having got here safely.
We are looking forward to returning home for Christmas. When we are home we will be able to post more photos onto the blog when we have a faster internet connection.

[Santa Comes to Carradale]It's that festive time again with the Christmas parties. Last night it was the Glen Bar staff night out.Others folowing suit are The Sensible Eating Club tonight, Abbeyfield staff tomorrow night with others at the weekend, the local Firefighters and Patersons shop staff.Anyone wishing a mention or to post some info get in touch with me.

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