17-12-07 Flotsam and Jetsam
It's funny some of the things that get washed up on Carradale Beach, particularly after there's been a stormy sea.

We've had phosphorus flares from the Beaufort Dyke, an old television, a dead whale, old tyres, and dead sheep.

Now we're entering the realms of household furnishings, as this photo from our Tormhor Correspondent shows.

We're left wondering now what happened to the rest of the suite...

On an unconnected subject, we enjoyed a delicious meal with friends yesterday evening at The Glen Bar and Restaurant.

The food was excellent and the portions more than ample.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone fancying a slap-up meal this Christmas.

Also requiring special note was the Hungarian Gypsy Violinist (on washboard and thimbles) who entertained us at our table till we begged her to stop. You know who you are... :)
[Flotsam on Carradale Beach]

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