17-11-22 Ian MacDougall (NEENIE)
Carradale is at a great loss now, a man of entertainment always.

We have lost a lot of family, friends and character's in the village over the years but one that will now be missed most is Neenie. A celeb known by many local's, friends, and holidaymakers far afield. A man of entertainment wherever he went and respected by us all. He enjoyed his wee work job in Tesco's, going to Woodland's Centre, meeting people, the times i and others would take him to the Pictures or Music festivals, attending the Camera Club nights which he was looking forward to our Dinner night next month but sadly not to be. He was even planning ahead for his 70th birthday not being until September next year. Glad to have know Neenie all these years like so many, he fair cheered us all up .RIP Neenie there will never be the likes of you again.

[The Carradale Goat]
[The Carradale Goat]

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