17-11-12 Clyde Coastguard Closed
End of an era as Belfast Coastguard took over yesterday.

[Goat Ed] Myself coming on twenty years service with the Coastguard it was sad to hear last night that my link and all the other coasties whom were covered by Clyde Coastguard Station in Greenock has now been discontinued.Having got to know many voices and faces over the years this has now come to a sad end.

I,as with all the other Coastguard Rescue Officers around the sector would like to say a big thank you for all the comms,banter and meetings over the years and as planned have our farewell party gathering next month.

As from last night we are now under Belfast Coastguard and hope we can continue with the same as over the past years with Clyde.

BBC News report click HERE.

Some pics of the Ops room Clyde,Roger Clarks farewell with ops room staff and Archie with the stability show in Tarbert.....Click on pics to enlarge.

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