17-10-06 Football Results
Carradale AFC beach Northend Thistle with 7 goals to 2 on Sunday afternoon.

This was the first leg of the Kilbrannan Quaich and Carradale will be crossing to Arran for the second leg in a couple of weeks time.

Like Carradale AFC, Northend Thistle are a relatively new side only having been formed last year. They were very hospitable to us when we played them last year at Lochranza and we're looking forward to going across again.

[Knowsley Safari Park]
Having been away in England for a few days we stopped-off on the way back at Knowsley Safari Park.

Despite it being the end of season there were plenty of animals for the kids to enjoy.

The Baboons who took great pleasure in ripping the windscreen wipers off of our car!
[Knowsley Safari Park]

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