17-07-07 Carradale Boat Catches Tin-fish
The crew of one of Carradale's fishing boats received a nasty surprise when they hauled in their nets a few days ago to discover they'd caught what is thought to have been a World War II torpedo!

The vessel diverted to Campbeltown where they were met by members of the bomb disposal team. The 'tin-fish' was landed on the old shipyard slipway at Trench Point for examination.

It was then moved out into the Loch where a controlled explosion was carried out, resulting in a massive plume of water and a very loud bang that was heard all over the town and which rattled more than a few windows.
[Carradale Boat Catches Torpedo]
[Carradale Boat Catches Torpedo][Carradale Boat Catches Torpedo]

[Many thanks for Jeanette for the use of the photos]

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