17-06-11 Trotts At The Ashbank
And life still sparkles even at 90.

How many men over the age of 90 are still piloting an aeroplane, driving their own car and skipping around the world on holidays? Well there was one called George visiting Carradale this week with his companion, Joan. This lovely couple were spotted having a pleasant evening at the Ashbank with Joan’s son Malcolm and his wife Kate and under intense interrogation George’s adventurous lifestyle eventually emerged. Seen here sporting a San Francisco T-shirt it was hard to believe this sprightly 90-year old was the age he said. It was only his remarkable resemblance to HRH Prince Philip, another sprightly 90-year old, that gave a clue to his age.
George and Joan have known each other for more than 50 years but got together as a couple more recently after their respective spouses passed away. They both travel extensively and have come up from the south of England where Joan lives in the village of Ticehurst, the name coming from the Anglo Saxon meaning ‘goat wood’. (Surely there is some connection with Carradale here!)
George still regularly takes a small plane on hops over the English Channel to France where he treats Joan to a gourmet lunch before flying home again to the airfield in Headcorn in Kent. He is a shining example of how age really doesn’t matter. You are as young as you feel and the numbers don’t count for anything.

Cheers Malcolm,nice meeting you and your family.

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