17-03-08 Carry On Carradale
[Carry On Carradale!]It has been beautifully spring-like in Carradale today, with plenty of sunshine and not a drop of rain. I took the opportunity to slope off from work for an hour and have my lunch on the beach for a change.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the "Carry On" films, made at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, and with it comes the announcement of a new film soon to be made called, perhaps not surprisingly in 21st century London-centred Britain, Carry On London.

With all the recent shananigans down at the Quay it has been suggested that perhaps someone could come up with a story and cast for "Carry On Carradale" ? I'm sure that would be a sell-out for the drama club at the village hall.

Moving on, I'm pleased to report that the recent Dougald John Campbell Memorial pool match held last month raised a splendid 1469 for the fishermens mission. There remains one raffle prize outstanding though: Green Ticket 232 and what looks to be the name of Connolly. If anyone has that ticket can they please see Jean at the Bakery.

As readers of the Campbeltown Courier will know already, there is to be another performance of Seeker Reaper next weekend in the Masonic Hall, Campbeltown, celebrating the life and work of the herring fishermen of Kintyre. Tickets are already sold-out and a reserve list is forming fast. Contact Lachie Paterson for the latest information.

Barman Supreme, Nonnie MacAlister, was pleasantly surprised to find the Courier had printed a photograph of his in last week's edition. More surprising was that he had no memory of sending it in yet the paper had accredited him with it.

Popular opinion is that a naughty bochan may have submitted it under his name as a wheeze.
[Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen]

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