17-03-05 A Mixed Bag of Gossip
A bit of a mixed bag today with politics, weather, motoring and local gossip...

Politics first, and Deidre Forsyth of Argyll & Bute Council has confirmed the postal ballot papers currently dropping through our letterboxes are indeed flawed and cannot be used. She advises that new ballot papers will be sent out together with more instructions. Nice to know we're getting good value for our Council Tax, eh?

The weather remains mixed but the temperatures are up since the weekend. In fact it's quite mild although wet. Sooner that than the penetratingly chill winds that have been battering us for the last week or so.

Motoring-wise our propane-powered Landrover continues to perform well after its partial lobotomy. In fact the old girl is running really well and once more a joy to drive with its V8 engine pounding away in front as you power up the steep braes betwixt here and Campbeltown.

Gossip. Well, there seems to be two rumours going about concerning the racist poster that appeared on the bus shelter and elsewhere (and has since been torn down). One theory is that it is the work of a local curmudgeon, an out-going councillor who shall remain nameless if not shameless.

The other theory is that is the work of recent incomers hoping to improve the chances for non-local candidates (the sympathy vote). The latter theory holds about as much water as a collander when you consider the candidates that are standing for election as I don't think any of them are recent arrivals in the village.

I tend to suspect the first theory is likely to be nearer the truth.

Anyhow, spring is fast approaching. There are blooms *everywhere*, and watch out Carradale because my mum is coming to visit soon! {Run away!}

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