17-02-05 EKCC Election Update
I've received an email from Deidre Forsyth at Argyll & Bute Council about the forthcoming election for councillors to represent Carradale & Peninver.

Sufficient nominations have been received for Carradale to require a ballot. Insufficient nominations have been received for Peninver.

She declined to go into details of the mechanics of the ballot itself but confirmed it would be a postal ballot and that details would be included with the mailing.

The date set for the ballot is 7 April 2005.

I was rather hoping for a bit more detail, particularly of the form the ballot would take, but I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

I gather the latest edition of The Antler has been dropping through letterboxes today but I've yet to see mine. No doubt following last week's EKCC committee meeting it'll make interesting reading.

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