16-11-12 EKCC Meeting Report and updated attachment
Meeting of 15th November 2012 in Carradale Village Library.
[The Carradale Goat]

Received this update from Mr Irvine.

You may wish to add this to the report on EKCC?

Dear Martin,

At the Community Council meeting last Thursday I, as Convenor was accused by Mr Alen Oman of being involved, or at least knew, with the installation of bollards outside the home of Mr and Mrs Grant, Craigellachie, Carradale.

On speaking with Mr and Mrs Grant yesterday, they both confirmed I was not involved in any way prior to the work being carried out.

Mr Oman demanded my resignation as Convenor but this was not supported by anyone else at the meeting.

I now have three independent witnesses who have informed me that he is telling people in the village that I am a “f*****g liar”. I understand he is trying to place an article in the Courier complaining of the use of public money being used.

If this violent attack on me personally continues I shall sue for slander.

I would appreciate if you will confirm to me that I was not, in any way, involved and that the matter was entirely between you, Damien Green and the Grants.

Your help in this will be greatly appreciated.

Stuart Irvine

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