16-09-06 More Bygone Days
[Carradale United Free Church Choir]We've been sent two more photos of Carradale in Bygone Days.

The first shows an outing of the United Free Church choir to Lochranza on the Isle of Arran in the early 1920s. Carradale was a regular port of call for the Clyde Paddle Steamers and this would have been how the group got to and from Arran.

Back right is Dennis MacIntosh (Maid of Morvern)
Next row: Willie McCallum, -, -, -, Willie Galbraith, Lachie McKinnon
Katie McKinnon, Lizzie Campbell, Jenny McKinnon, Amy ?
Tibby Campbell, Margaret Galbraith, Duncan Semple, Chrissie ?
Agnes Cook, Mary Cook, Lilla Galbraith, Kay Ritchie
Annie Macpherson ("Mrs John"), Johnny Galbraith, Jenny Galbraith.

Many thanks to our kind contributor. If anyone can fill in the blanks then please let us know.

The second photo shows the fishing boat Dusky Maid, equipped for shark hunting and with a Basking Shark tied alongside.

[The Sea My Hunting Ground - Anthony Watkins]
Shark hunting was a short but fascinating period in Carradale's history immortalised in Watkins' book 'The Sea My Hunting Ground', copies of which can still be found on Ebay and elsewhere.

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