16-07-13 Hot Seats In Carradale
Live entertainment Wednesday 24th July 2013.

The American quintet from Virginia is making a detour to come to Carradale on Wednesday, 24th July. The action is virtually non-stop, the musicianship superb, with fiddle, mandolin, banjo and guitar coalescing with humour and speed and powered by a communally owned and played double-bass, drums and washboard.
Live entertainment Wednesday 24th July.

The Hot Seats play stringband music with simple intentions: to keep the role of traditional musician as entertainer and commentator alive and kicking. Their original music is simultaneously hard to classify and instantly identifiable, combining the virtuosic soloing and tightness of bluegrass, the band-driven rhythm of old time, the jerky bounce of ragtime, and the swagger of good old rock and roll.
While striving to push tradition forward, the band takes great pride in their ability to play within a tradition style as well as without. Ultimately, the Hot Seats are most concerned with making the music that they want to hear and playing in the manner that is most entertaining to themselves; the fact that audiences and critics alike have embraced it is almost a wonderful coincidence.
The bandís most recent full length release, Live! highlights the bandís flexibility, moving between bluegrass, ragtime, oldtime, jugband, and Klezmer with ease, injecting humor and sharp witted commentary along the way. Their albums are evidence of the bandís dedication to treat stringband music as a modern form, open to current themes and sensibilities, as well as a tradition that is deserving of preservation, and to the Hot Seatsí ability to play both on the outskirts and in the center of the Appalachian tradition.
ďAbsolutely superb - stunning musicians. If you get a chance to see them, take it. Very highly recommended.Ē - Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland (and BlaziníFiddles)

Tickets are available from Patersonís Bakery in Carradale at £10 each. There will be a licensed bar and the doors open at 7.30pm for an 8 oíclock start.

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