16-07-05 Down in the Ditches
A bit of drama and excitement on the Skipness road this morning whilst heading up to Tarbert for a bit of shopping. Some homeward-bound holiday-makers had slid off the road in their Mondeo and were deep into a drainage ditch. By the time we arrived the Postman was in the process of hooking his van up to the car in an attempt to pull it out but it was decided that our Landrover would probably have a bit more power for the job.

With the rope firmly attached to the Landrover's tow-hitch the strain was taken-up and the Mondeo started to move. By now a good backlog of cars had built-up on the road (the Lochranza-Clonaig ferry having just docked) and there were plenty of eager hands to help guide the car as it slowly made its way backwards onto the road.

A brief inspection suggested no significant damage to the car but we followed them up as far as Tarbert, just in case of a problem. Hopefully they'll make it home again without further incident.

We returned home later in the afternoon by way of Skipness Castle, having stocked-up on some excellent beef and venison at the farmers' market held every third Saturday in the month at Tarbert. There's a similar event in Campbeltown on the first Saturday of the month and the quality of the produce far exceeds what you find in the supermarkets.

It was amusing to read this week in the Campbeltown Courier that a whale had been see in Carradale Harbour at the weekend. As anyone who knows the village will know it'd be a bit of a tight fit for any whale to get into the harbour and turn around again! Obviously they're referring to the Minke whale that was seen in Carradale Bay last Sunday but you'd have thought they could have gotten the location right.

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