16-05-12 Water Water Everywhere
But none in the Carradale taps to spare.

SCOTTISH WATER a bit dried up today as Carradale residents got thirsty with a water loss from about 7am this morning.Numerous calls went into their call centre with customers being told they will be updated later on what is happening.On trying to call back some hours later to be met with a message (pa28 Carradale /Dunoon no water) and no further update when will be restored.

I myself called another number (around 5pm) and eventually got someone to talk to,put my case forward that their communication system was terrible and that now being without water for over ten hours.The chap said that the water supply may be restored later 8 or 9pm, but could not promise.I requested and like many others in the village that they get bottled water pronto which eventually some did come into the community after 6pm.The drivers of these vehicles were only told late afternoon that there was a water loss.

What ever the problem was a do not know,but a shall make a point to Scottish Water to be a bit more thoughtfull for the elderly of the village in future.

With some air lock snags in the pipe line water was eventually getting to housholders with us occupiers at Toshs Park being last to get the taps running again after 10pm.

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